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25 Men
Adrian Stout
(The Tiger Lillies)
Aidan Neeson
Alex Felton


Anita Chellamah (Cherry Bombz, Toto Coelo)

Ari Shine
Belle Scar

Boa Levy

Basement Jaxx

Carl Melody


Charles Olins


Christophe Deschamps (Karen Ann, Jacques Dutronc)
Dana Presson

Daniel Rachel

Danny Furry (Lords Of The New Church)
Danny Ray (Bo Diddley, Brian Setzer, Sylvain Sylvain)

Dave Rave (Teenage Head)

Dave Richmond (Serge Gainsbourg, Elton John, Dusty Springfield)
David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp)
Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, Lords Of The New Church)



Howie Beno (Depeche Mode, Blondie, Ministry)

Jared Louche (Chemlab, Prude)

Jez Miller (Walter Lure, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing)

Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop)
Kath Gifford (Stereolab, Snowpony)
Kill City Dragons
Major Rocket
Marc O
Mika Doo

Nicoletta Wylde

Noise Machines

Plastic Heroes


Ralph Alphonso


Ricky Bacchus (D Generation)
Roberta Hofer

She Made Me Do It

Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Joan Jett)

Tiffany Randol
Timo Kaltio
(Cherry Bombz, Guns N' Roses)

Terry Chimes (The Clash, Gen X, Billy Idol)
The Barbarian Horde
Totlyn Jackson

Will Crewdson (Adam Ant, The Selecter, Flesh For Lulu)

Zoe Lloyd




"I first worked with Marc in his studio "Plastic Sounds studios in 2011 and found him to be highly professional, hard working, extremely talented and a really lovely person who was very easy to work with. Marc researches and keeps up to date with the equipment in his studio so it is a really exciting and productive place to work and create!"

Anita Chellamah (Cherry Bombz, Toto Coelo)




" I was extremely impressed with the in house range of high-end vintage and contemporary recording equipment. Marc Olivier did a wonderful job both producing and engineering the session and he achieved a great sounding recording. I would not hesitate to recommend this studio."

Dave Richmond (Elton John, Dusty Springfield, Serge Gainsbourg)




" Plastic sound studio mixes old school sixties/seventies vibe with state of the art modern digital. It's the perfect place to record all sorts of musical genres. Marc has a fantastic knowledge of music and easily gets authentic sounds whilst always making you feel welcome into his home. Highly recommend this experience as great value for money and results of highest quality."

Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, Lords Of The New Church)




"Working quickly, we recorded guitars on eights tracks the first day. Using a variety of Marc's vintage guitars and amplifiers including; a 1966 Telecaster, a gorgeous Martin acoustic, a Vox AC30 and a Fender Blackface, we transformed my modest set of stems into fully fleshed out songs, ready to take on the world. I can't recommend this studio enough."

Jez Miller (Walter Lure, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing)




"I have worked on a number of musical projects for Marc and find him to be a very professional engineer and artist, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project or venture."
Sean Magee (Senior mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios)




"If you're looking for a reasonably priced studio with fantastic vintage and modern gear all helmed by a meticulous engineer and fine producer who actually cares about the end result, the search is off. He makes the best coffee in town too!"

Will Crewdson (Adam Ant, The Selecter, Flesh for Lulu)

"This has been the first time I've truly felt comfortable working in a studio and producer Marc Olivier has managed to get me even more excited about my album, thanks to his great skills!"

JD Tucker (Grendel)


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